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These quotes were found on the Miata Message Forum


"I LOVE my new exhaust system! It took me a month to find time to put it in, but my smile has been bigger than ever since then. I haven't paid attention if the sound actually changed from the start to now, some 3,000 miles later. All I know is that when I punch the gas and the engine reaches 4500-5000 rpm, the song my Miata sings is glorious! I am searching for tunnel I can drive through to hear the echo...just hard to find one without other cars in it! Thanks for making such a great exhaust!"
      - Ann

"Thanks Jason. UPS came late in the day and I was already home. I installed it right away. It looks and sounds great. The instructions say it takes 500 miles to break in.....It sounds great already. Thanks!"
      - John

"I installed an Enthuza Turbo Muffler - LOVE IT!!!!! Wouldn't change a thing."
      - Carole D.

"It rules. No melting."
      - Lockiepoo

"I've had my Enthuza Speeder on my '99 for about one month and I love it! And Chad is a great guy to deal with and he makes a great product. Go for it, you won't be sorry!"
      - Rykster

"I've had mine for around six months and 10,000 miles and I have never once regretted the decision. If I had to choose all over again, I would definitely go with the Enthuza. Not only does the piece look like a work of art, but it works and comes with a guarantee as well (in case it does not fit your fancy). I have to give props to Chad for offering such a great product backed with impeccable customer service."
      - blueroadster

"I've had my racer with silencer for about 5 months... it should have been the first mod!"
      - rocket dog

"I bought mine in the group buy. I have ~1000 miles on the speeder. The sound is awesome. I put off buying the speeder for a time because I was concerned that it would be too loud. The sound is just right. I you buy one you will be very impressed."
      - Ridgerunner

"Have a Speeder on my 99. Post heading was 'are you still enthused?' ABSOLUTELY!"
      - TheComet

      - oufly2

"WOW! Enthuza Rocks! Just installed my new enthuza non-resonated cat back and man does it sound nice. Not to ricey at all."
      - FinalJenemba

"I have had multiple friends (and my opinion as well) that they have never heard an I4 sound as good as the resonated Enthuza. I would constantly blip the throttle just to hear it bark...simply divine."
      - Lawrider

"So to answer your question, go with an Enthuza system using a Borla muffler. You won't be sorry."
      - xcsx

"I also have had the 2.25" Enthuza with Borla muffler for about 6 months and think it is the best sounding exhaust I've heard on a Miata, for the best price."
      - jkeithv

"My 99 has enthuza exhaust combined with monsterflow intake. Pure music!"
      - reecee

"ENTHUZA ENTHUZA ENTHUZA! I will say that i had a greddy turbo with his catback setup (budget turbo racer) and i got so many compliments on that setup.. It looked killer, the sound was just pure sweetness.. Plus Chad is "THE MAN". One of the best vendors ive done business with in 4 years.. Took tons of time out of his VACATION to call me and discuss my options.."
      - MiataLV

"I think the M2 speeder is one of the best exhaust systems around."
      - TR3-2001LE


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