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90-97 Exhaust (M1 Series) M1 Racers
Tools needed: 14mm wrench or deep socket, WD-40, large flat head screwdriver
Torque Specs: See this page

  1. Removing the existing exhaust system: Lubricate the 14mm nuts on the rear flange of the catalytic converter that connects your stock exhaust to the catalytic converter. It's best to let the nuts soak for several minutes.
  2. Using your 14mm wrench loosen and remove the (2) nuts that connect the cat to the exhaust.
  3. If your car is a 96-97, remove the 02 sensor from the exhaust.
  4. If your car is equipped with a rear sub-frame brace located at the rear axle, remove the brace. (2) 17mm bolts. These bolts typically are very tight. If you cannot get these bolts off, take a good hacksaw and cut through the inlet pipe of the muffler. The hacksaw trick is actually quicker than taking the brace off.
  5. Spray each of the rubber donut hangers with WD-40.
  6. Using the large flat head screwdriver or prybar, slip the exhaust hangers out of the rubber donut hangers and remove the stock exhaust.
  7. Installing the Enthuza exhaust: Install the muffler section of the exhaust first by hanging the Enthuza hangers in the same rubber donut hangers and allowing the tailpipe to exit the stock bumper cutout.
  8. Slip the mid-pipe into the rear section and support it by slipping it's hanger into the stock rubber hanger. ( On 2.5" systems equipped with a resonator, you will notice that the clearance of the resonator to the carriage brace is minimal. To avoid contact, a zip tie from the midpipe hanger to the A-Arm support will keep the resonator from contacting.)
  9. Attach the flange onto the cats studs and tighten down the stock nuts. (If your gasket is worn out, replace it with a new stock gasket or use liquid gasket)( If applicable, install the O2 sensor and the sub-frame brace) (Also, the Enthuza flange is slightly larger than the stock flange. You may need to slghtly bend the edge of the cat's heat shield to prevent interference.)
  10. Now make any necessary adjustments and check the alignment of the tip.
  11. Install either the Donaldson clamp or the U-bolt clamp to the slip joint union of the mid-pipe and rear section.
  12. The tip is single walled and it will get very hot. 1/4"+ clearance is needed to protect your bumper from the heat.
  13. Enjoy your drive... (The system needs 500 miles to be broken in. After that; the sound should be great and the smell will be gone).

99+ Exhausts (M2 Series) M2 Speeder and XR

Tools Needed: 17mm wrench or deep socket, WD-40, large flat head screwdriver
Torque Specs: See this page

  1. Soak the two 17mm nuts that attach the rear muffler section to the stock mid-pipe with penetrating oil or WD-40.
  2. Loosen the two 17mm nuts and remove them.
  3. Spray the three rubber hangers with WD-40
  4. Using the large flat head screwdriver, slip the exhaust hangers out of the rubber donut hangers.
  5. Remove the stock muffler section
  6. Slip the Enthuza's exhaust hangers into the rubber donut hangers and slide the Enthuza's flange onto the stock mid pipe's flange studs.
  7. Tighten down the (2) nuts by alternating between the two nuts to assure proper tip alignment. It may help to have another person hold the tip centered while you do the tightening. The tip needs 1/4" clearance from your bumper. If the tip is closer than a 1/4" to your bumper, you will damage the bumper from the heat.
  8. Enjoy your drive... (The system needs 500 miles to be broken in. After that; the sound should be great.)

Instructions to attach Greddy Type S bov

  1. Remove stock recirculation valve
  2. Install plug in return hose—reuse stock spring clamp
  3. Attach Greddy BOV and gasket onto bracket with the nuts supplied with the bov. Do not overtighten.
  4. Make sure original gasket is on intercooler. Use original bolts to attach bov and adapter to intercooler.
Use short piece of hose and right angle fitting to attach to original vacuum lines. Hose goes on larger fitting of bov.

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