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Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is your exhaust?
Loud is an opinionated term when it comes to exhausts. I have built several versions of my systems but my current systems with the Borla mufflers are the quietest. On a loudness scale of 1-10 with the stock system being a 4 and the 10 being too loud, this is how I would rate the volume:

  • M1 Racer non-resonated: 7.5 w/ resonator = 6
  • M1 Turbo Racer 2.5": 6.5, 3": 7
  • M2 Speeder: 5
  • Budget Speeder: 6

    What is a resonator?
    A resonator is a pre-muffler that is used in an exhaust system to help reduce resonance or decibel levels. I use a 3" x 16" resonator in My M1 Racer series.

    Do resonators restrict performance?
    The resonators I use are straight through glass-pack style resonators that do not interfere with flow or performance gains. Keep in mind that a resonator can always be installed later if you want to lower the decibels.

    What diameter pipe should be used with my Miata?
    I have dyno tested all of my exhaust and this is what I have found works best for these Miatas: (accounting for sound and horsepower)

  • M1 Racer and M2 Speeder 2.25" = Normally Aspirated Miatas and 6 psi or less Supercharged Miatas (5-8 hp increase) (stock size is 2" and 2.25" will not affect low end torque). Miatas have a relatively low compression engine which is not affected by backpressure. Through the dyno tests the 2.25" works very well in increasing both horsepower and torque.
  • M1 Turbo Racer 2.5" = Turbocharged Miatas @ 12 psi and less (19 hp gain over 2.25")
  • M1 Turbo Racer 3" = Turbocharged Miatas @ 12 psi and higher ( 3 hp gain over 2.5" but a 400 rpm quicker spool up)

    How much do your systems weigh?
    16.5lbs for M1 Racer , 20 lbs M1 Racer w/ res, 22lbs Turbo Racer 2.5", 26lbs for Turbo Racer 3", 12lbs for M2 Speeder

    Why should I buy your system compared to a custom system from my local muffler shop?
    Your local muffler shop may be very good at building a custom system for you but usually you will be getting a press bent system with a chambered muffler. The Miata likes a free flowing muffler (ie. straight through) with mandrel bends. My system uses a continuous mandrel bend (not pieced together) and a high flow muffler.

    What are mandrel bends?
    A mandrel bend is a bend in a pipe which maintains the same diameter of the pipe. Most muffler shops use a press bender which presses the pipe into a die. A press bend can decrease that area of the pipe by as much as a 1/2" thus chocking the flow. The reason most shops do not use a mandrel bender is because a mandrel bender is very expensive. The one I use costs $300k compared to a press bender which can be purchased for around $5k. Also my bends are continuous and not pieced together. I have seen some exhaust systems which use individual mandrel bends that have been welded together. This type of system results in excessive welds that can also restrict flow.

    What is meant by an exhaust being "broke in"?
    When you first install an Enthuza, the sound may not be what you had in mind. It takes about 500 miles for the system to "break in". Once the system's internals have been heated up several times and carbon has coated it's internals, the sound becomes deeper and smoother. Also, keep in mind that all aftermarket exhausts sound better when warmed up.

    What is the difference in sound and performance between aluminized and stainless pipe?
    No difference

    What's the difference in sound between the M2 Speeder and Budget Speeder?
    The Borla muffler is a quieter exhaust with a smoother note but the Budget Series muffler, which is made by Ansa, has more of a rumble to it. The Borla muffler can be used in the Budget Series.

    How long will aluminized pipe last?
    Your stock system is aluminized and it probably has lasted several years. In the south, the system will last as long as you own the car. In the north, more than 7-10 years or as long as your stock system lasted.

    How long to deliver?
    Most system take 14 days from order date to get to you. We build to order.

    Can I get a different tip?
    Currently we have a round 2.5" stock style tip or a 3" slash cut tip. However, the systems can be ordered without a tip and you can have your local shop weld on your own choice.

    What if I hate the sound?
    You won't but just in case...  I offer a full 30 days from the ship date for you to decide if you like it. I'm easy to deal with and I'll understand if you don't like it. I want you to be happy! Just contact me for a return authorization number and send it back in good condition. I'll refund the purchase price of the exhaust minus shipping within 15 days of the return. Custom orders will are not refundable.

    Where are you located?
    In Kennesaw, GA. 30 miles north of Atlanta.

    I can't get you on the phone! How can I order?
    I'm a one man shop so most of the time I am away from my phone. You can place your order and send your payment through our online store. You may also try my cell phone at 404-310-3302. You can aslo fax your order to 678-921-0220. Payment and order can also be sent directly through PayPal (id: If you choose to call me, please leave me a voicemail and I will return your call. Or email me your phone number and I will call you back. I do want your business!

    1 year on material and workmanship

    What do I do if the exhaust needs a repair?
    We strive to maintain a high quality product that is trouble free. If your exhaust has any problems please contact me. If you ship the system back to me, I can do the repairs. Typically, if a simple repair is needed such as a leaking weld, you can go by your local muffler shop for the repair. If you are within warranty, send me the bill and I'll reimburse you.

    Is it 50 state legal?
    The only state I know of that it is not legal is Virginia. That state has a silly law restricting any form of aftermarket exhaust. (but you can ride a Harley in any state with no problems??...)

    Will the exhaust past my state's emission test?
    Yes. All my systems come after the final cat and therefore my exhaust do not affect emissions.

    Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes. 42" x 19" x 8" box 15-28 lbs. Kennesaw, GA 30152 ( calculate your shipping)

    Do you give discounts to clubs?
    Yes. I give discounts on any group who orders (3) or more exhausts on one order. I love group buys and would welcome anyone who wants to organize one. Just contact me and we can discuss it.

    Your exhaust finish looks dull compared to the Roadstersport or some of the other exhausts I have seen?
    I am not out to win a beauty contest. Keep in mind that the system is going underneath your car. Once stainless gets hot it turns a gold color and that mirror polish will not be so pretty in a year or so. I design the systems for optimal performance and sound and my systems are made in the USA.

    Can I put a turbo exhaust on my non-turbo Miata?
    Yes, but it is loud. Also it does not produce a good exhaust note. You gain some power at the high end though.

    Where can I hear an Enthuza? They are everywhere.

    Do you sell pipe and other exhaust parts?
    Some parts. Contact me

    I saw your system on Ebay. Can I get that price?
    I use Ebay as a form of advertising and sometimes I'll sell a test system or a return. You'll have to be the winning bidder to get that price.

    How do I install your exhaust?
    View the Installation Guide.

    What are the torque specifications?
    See this page.
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